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" Teresa "

" Teresa "

Teresa "Fang Fang " Bartlinski

Teresa was born on December 25, 2006 in China. She was born with a very complex heart condition. In July 2010, GOD added Teresa to our family through adoption. We have been blessed with 9 wonderful children. Gods grace has woven us together as a family. Upon bringing Teresa home from China we unfortunately learned she not only needed a heart transplant but also a lung transplant. Her doctors feel she would not survive this operation. Please help us to pray for a miracle for Teresa's heart and lungs to be healed. She is a very special little soul who has touched so many lives around the world ...

Sunday, May 1, 2011

What a weekend !

"I LUVA his shoes "

We had a very busy weekend . Friday Gemma had her blood transfusion , Saturday Lucy had her First Holy Communion and today (Sunday ) we participated in Brittany's Hope Walk Of Love in PA .

Gemma is feeling much better now that her Hemaglobin has increased to a safe level .
Teresa was feeling very tired on Saturday but today she was much better .
Lucy was soooo excited to make her first communion . She said she feels VERY Holy now. It was a very special day for her . Teresa keeps asking when it will be her turn . Teresa was upset because she could not wear her wedding gown and marry Jesus ( this was her interpretation of a first communion ).

The walk of love was an amazing day . Brittany's Hope is a wonderful organization that gives adoption grants to special needs orphans around the world . Emilia was a recipient of a BH grant when we adopted her . The grant helps to cover a portion of the enormous adoption expenses . Last year Emilia was one of the poster children for the organization and this year the girls had the privilege of holding the Chinese flag ( representing China ) for the walk . They were all so proud !
We also had time to catch up with some dear friends we had met through our adoptions. Kelly R. Is an amazing women getting ready to adopt 2 more special needs sons from
China . We met for the first time a very special person who was so helpful in having Teresa's medical information reviewed in America and getting her the medical care she needed while in China . It was only by chance that we ran into each other but I think it was divine intervention . She is a very special person who also has a daughter with Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome . We shared lots of information and I enjoyed hearing of how she knew Teresa In China .

If you would like an organization to support , please consider

Tomorrow is the start of another very busy week . We will head back to Sinai Hospital for Emilia's Legs to be checked . We are hopeful the bones are healing well with no complications.

I am so grateful to have these children God has blessed us with . Even though their medical care seems so enormous at times, it is a very small sacrifice to make. Just to be able to see them smile and be filled with so much happiness makes it all worth it .


Aus said...

First Holy Communion is such a special day - Blessing on your house!! We have Brianna's next Saturday, she's looking forward to it too! And ya know - Teresa's understanding is really pretty spot on for a girl her age!!

Glad y'all had such a good weekend - we'll keep you guys in our prayers this week!

hugs - aus and co.

Rita and John said...

I love Teresa's view of First Communion! I feel like St. Therese of Lisieux said something along those lines at one point, but I couldn't be sure. Love the shot of the girls with Fr. Whatley! Congratulations, Lucy.