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" Teresa "

" Teresa "

Teresa "Fang Fang " Bartlinski

Teresa was born on December 25, 2006 in China. She was born with a very complex heart condition. In July 2010, GOD added Teresa to our family through adoption. We have been blessed with 9 wonderful children. Gods grace has woven us together as a family. Upon bringing Teresa home from China we unfortunately learned she not only needed a heart transplant but also a lung transplant. Her doctors feel she would not survive this operation. Please help us to pray for a miracle for Teresa's heart and lungs to be healed. She is a very special little soul who has touched so many lives around the world ...

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

We have been so blessed with wonderfully caring sons.

Emilia ended up back in the hospital last week because the infections in her legs became resistant to the antibiotics.  It turned out that she had two different bacterias.  The one strain was very rare and had never been seen before with a pin site infection.  Her legs became very swollen and it was very painful.

After spending several days in the hospital, our son Alex volunteered to spend the night on Halloween with Emilia so I could go home and help the other girls with their costumes.  On Friday Paul came to the hospital and stayed with Emilia so Alex could go to school.  Ed and I  traveled to CHOP to discuss  Teresa's autopsy results.

Our boys would do anything to help their sisters.  They are so caring and loving.

Going to CHOP to discuss the autopsy was something we had been putting off.  But we needed to do it to bring some closure.  It was very difficult to even say Teresa's name in the same sentence as "Autopsy".

The good news  was we were able to discuss our plans for an upcoming trip. We are arranging for   The Chief of Cardiology and  The Chief of  Surgery from Beijing along with Lily ,   who is the Medical Director for Chunmiao Little Flower ( and who has also been helping us with the Love You More Heart Home),  to come to CHOP and shadow Teresa's team in surgery, caths. and on the cardiac floor.  Our team from China will then travel to Florida for the 2014 Pediatric Cardiac Conference.
This will be a tremendous learning experience for them and we are so happy we could help to coordinate it. 
Our prayer is for our team of Doctors from China   to be able to take back  many new techniques    to help the children in the Heart Home.

Another angel that is helping us coordinate the trip is Teresa W.  She is a very caring RNC who has traveled  to China many times to help the orphans.  Thank you Teresa!

This weekend we have a VERY special guest coming to visit, our Immigration Officer.   Cindy played a paramount role in helping to bring Teresa home in record time.    We have kept in touch over the past three years and we had always planned for Cindy to come visit after Teresa received her new heart.  After Teresa passed away , Cindy still wanted to visit. 

Cindy would like to visit the Cemetery.  We will also do a little site seeing. On Tuesday we will have lunch in D.C. with our producer from The Today Show along with another  very caring person from the Immigration Office.  It will be so nice to see them all again.  Just a wonderful group of people all brought together because of a little girl who had the dream of having her own family.

We Love You More Teresa!


Anonymous said...

Wow, So Much Happening! Lots Of Good Things, But Sad Ones As Well. Thinking And Praying For You All. So Sorry To Hear That Emilia Still Has An Infection. Prayers For Healing Going Out To Our Greatest Physician. Take Care,

Dave Stanghellini

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