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" Teresa "

" Teresa "

Teresa "Fang Fang " Bartlinski

Teresa was born on December 25, 2006 in China. She was born with a very complex heart condition. In July 2010, GOD added Teresa to our family through adoption. We have been blessed with 9 wonderful children. Gods grace has woven us together as a family. Upon bringing Teresa home from China we unfortunately learned she not only needed a heart transplant but also a lung transplant. Her doctors feel she would not survive this operation. Please help us to pray for a miracle for Teresa's heart and lungs to be healed. She is a very special little soul who has touched so many lives around the world ...

Monday, September 24, 2012

What a week!

This past week was enough  to add more gray hairs to my head ( or as Mary   has said " Mom, your hair is REALLY gray. ")

We found out today that Emilia needs emergency surgery tomorrow morning .  She was  battling a pin site infection for the past 2 weeks and it is not responding to the 2 antibiotics . Her Docotor said the infection is spreading and the pin needs to be removed and replaced immediatley .  Hopefully when he does the surgery tomorrow he will be able to clean out all of  the infection .
We would really be grateful for some prayers for Emilia tomorrow .

This past week we also received some really   sad news about Mayzie .  As if  all this was not enough CHOP called 4 times in one week .  When I  see CHOP on the caller ID , well  my heart just about stops .

I promise to fill in the details as soon as I can catch my breath and get through tomorrow .


The Jiu Jiu said...

Ann, you've more than earned your "grey badge of courage" several times over, will definitely be keeping you & the brood in my prayers during services this week. Hang in there!

Aus said...

Ann - prayers offered for all you guys - so wish we were closer so we could help out IRL!

hugs - we'll be thinking of y'all a lot today.

aus and co.

Kelly Kolenda said...

Thinking of you. Hoping the surgery goes well.

Wanda House said...

Praying for Emilia and the rest of you that the surgery will go well and that God will give you strength to get through the day. May God richly bless you today and always.

Rita and John said...

We are keeping you all in our prayers and hoping for good news for you and your beautiful family.