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" Teresa "

" Teresa "

Teresa "Fang Fang " Bartlinski

Teresa was born on December 25, 2006 in China. She was born with a very complex heart condition. In July 2010, GOD added Teresa to our family through adoption. We have been blessed with 9 wonderful children. Gods grace has woven us together as a family. Upon bringing Teresa home from China we unfortunately learned she not only needed a heart transplant but also a lung transplant. Her doctors feel she would not survive this operation. Please help us to pray for a miracle for Teresa's heart and lungs to be healed. She is a very special little soul who has touched so many lives around the world ...

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Teresa's First Snow

Today Teresa experienced her first snow fall. She loves to watch Frosty the Snowman and knows almost all the words to the movie. Her favorite line - No money , No Ticket ! She was so excited to go out and play in the snow like Frosty . We only stayed out for a few minutes because the cold weather really makes her turn purple, but she loved every minute of it !

Over the weekend we went to have lunch with Santa at
The Knights of Columbus with Grandpop. Teresa was so funny, as soon as Santa walked in to say hello to all the children she took one look at him and yelled " That's not Santa!" It was so funny , it reminded me of Buddy the Elf in the Elf MOvie when he saw the fake Santa .
The only thing she wants for Christmas is a Frosty the Snowman .

A quick update on the girls:
Last Friday Teresa's appointment at CHOP was canceled because the Doctor had a family emergency . So now we will have to wait until January to see if the Sildenafil is improving her lungs and heart function . The winter has definitely been more difficult for her than the summer . Most days I dress her in 3 layers of clothes to keep her warm . Her lips , hands and feet are a lovely shade of purple almost continuously now . Her oxygen is hovering around 72 .

Gemma was doing better over the weekend and then on Monday she started with pneumonia. She is finally doing much better with antibiotics and a nebulizer treatment . We know she is back to her good old self because she is eating everything in sight.

Emilia is doing great with her cast . Hopefully she will have it off in January .


Rita and John said...

What wonderful photos! Thank you for sharing the update. You are all in our prayers.

Big Happy Family said...

Your family is so beautiful, and we will continue to pray for all of you. Teresa looks like she had such a great time in the snow!

Annie said...

Very cute pics!!! I am so glad sweet Teresa enjoyed the snow so much! Will keep praying!

Aus said...

Thanks for the updates - we'll keep you and the kids in our prayers! Great pics - love seeing them doing all of that - but mostly thanks for not keeping the kids in 'bubble wrap' - what's life if you can live it - at least to the limits of your abilities!

hugs - great joy -

aus and co.

Lynda said...

Everyone looks adorable!! Will continue to pray for each member of your wonderful family.
Enjoy your Christmas.
The Carr's

Amy Murphy said...

Looks like she loved the snow! What a beautiful picture of all your kiddos! I hope you have a great Christmas.